I CRY IN CORNERS Podcast with Chari Orozco is a show designed to encourage those navigating leadership, ministry, creativity, and all the awkward life stuff in the middle.

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Chari and this podcast are an absolute asset to my spiritual journey. The delivery is relatable and the message is clearly and easily communicated. Chari’s humor and personality help make this podcast like, A-game. Someone from my small group referred me here and I’m so glad they did!

Leslie in VA, USA

Asset in my Kingdom Seeking Journey

EP 040: PEACE IS A THING   In episode forty, Chari closes out season four with the final thing that’s a thing. Get ready for an honest conversation on peace, how to activate it, how to keep it and what it tends to look and feel like. Here we go!


Nomad will encourage you to laugh, cry, and thrive in the wilderness seasons of life.

Nomad is the reminder that even though life may have you navigating valleys. mountains and quicksand, every part of the journey is meant to grow you. Using her families story of exile, Chari shares how it’s only in wilderness seasons where life change is found and miracles are experienced.

In wilderness seasons, Nomad will help you discover:

// The essentials to thriving
// The weapons to hone
// The pitfalls to avoid
// The people to find and attach yourself to

With Chari’s authentic style, strong storytelling, and practical teaching, Nomad will remind readers that there is purpose, peace, and people to be found in the muck and mire of wilderness seasons.

In Chari’s words,

Our entire lives will be lived in some form of wilderness, some kind of exile, so I would suggest we get good at navigating the storms, learn where the water holes and trenches are and get a cool hipster patch for your denim jacket that says, “nomad.” People are out there in need of Jesus, and we may be their only help.”

Let the journey begin…