Peace: A Foreign Feeling

It seems I have spent the last seven years waiting for the sun to shine again. In the last season I have seen glimpses of blue sky and rays of sunshine peak through the clouds, but now suddenly the storm has finally moved on and I am basking in the warmth of peace. Peace…a foreign feeling.

This peace came with a hefty price tag, surrender and forgiveness. Side-Note: I don’t EVER admit when I am wrong, and lately I’ve had to back track and apologize A LOT, and really look at who I’d become. This peace has been a result having to surrender my dreams and agendas, and learning how to really LOVE people the way Christ loves people. I don’t have it all figured out but these things I have learned and I will try to live out, because I’ve missed the sun way to long…

1. Do not chase leadership, leadership only comes to those who serve. (Luke 22: 25-27)

2. Forgiveness and Surrender is the only way to peace. (Romans 8:6)

3. True Friendship is the GRACE that illuminates life’s darkest paths. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)


Things Just Feel Different…

“It’s how you respond in the ordinary that sets you up for the extraordinary.” I just want to encourage anyone who is walking in a trying season. God is faithful, and wants to lift you out of whatever pit you might find yourself in today…I don’t have a mathematical equation or any secrets to getting to the season that I am currently experiencing except the thing that has revolutionized my world…so i’ll pass it on to you.

Live for God in total surrender. Serve without asking for recognition, and Love without expecting love in return.

  It’s all about how we react in our everyday, and how you love people in the midst of it. My hope is that I can continue to move forward chasing the goal that is Christ. My prayer is that my life will be lived in such a way that it can be poured out like an offering and those I meet and encounter will feel the love of God…Will I fail at this? Probably. But I will still try because my life is not my own, and I am surrendered in this season. I am ready now.. Chari (Psalms 34:9) ]]>