This morning my friend Mercy Lokulutu preached at Sisterhood Mornings. Now there are a couple things you need to know about Mercy besides the fact that she is one of most amazing communicators I have ever encountered — Mercy is humble and honest , and a life-giving friend. She is a woman of integrity and pretty much every time she preaches I want to run to the altar and get saved all over again :). Well, today her message was phenomenal — you can listen to her and other messages from this upcoming semester of Sisterhood Mornings Wednesday nights at 7pm Online — I say all this to say I wrote down a couple awesome quotes from her message I’d like to share. She is hilarious, and Honest and every time she shares the Lord uses her to motivate me… Mercy’s thought’s on Early Childhood Sex Education: “Children don’t need condoms they need Christ!” [ I laughed hysterically at this one ] Mercy’s thought’s on Worldly Wisdom: “Man will fail you, Your Flesh will disappoint you, but God is unfailing!” My favorite — Mercy’s thought’s on Crazy Christians: ” God is not weird, people are weird….so let’s not be weird” Well I just wanted to dedicate a short blog to my amazing friend… I think I might start doing this once a week — introducing the women who have impacted my life the most….YAP…. I am gonna do it!! Check out her blog here.   Chari]]>