I am not a big “reader”. Even though as a child I loved to read, around fourth grade some major things happened in my family that caused me to turn inward. That same year I remember that I started having issues with my reading comprehension, and the joy I found in books was lost. I am sure there is more to this but I am certain that this is the root of why I stopped reading books, unless I was forced or it was work-related. This past year I felt the push to read my Bible more because my disdain with the written word had infiltrated my love for God’s word. — I have been in the word more this year and have seen God change my song-writing and my heart towards life…The Word of God is a powerful thing.–

I am surrounded by smart, articulate and very wise women on a regular basis and they are all lovers of the written word. It’s a little intimidating to say the least. But in this season where I am engulfed in this sisterhood God has impressed upon my heart to start reading again. I just finished “Clueless”: 10 things I wish someone told me about Motherhood before becoming a mom, written by my pastor, Kerri Weems.  I was reluctant to get the book since I don’t have any children and I was unsure what I’d get out of it. But I just finished it and I LOVED IT! It was HILARIOUS, refreshing, and thought-provoking. She wrote this book in such a way that it could motivate and impact every woman in any stage of life.
One chapter in particular was about “Having a strong sense of Identity”. I read this chapter at least 3 times. I was amazed that I never understood the building blocks that shaped my identity.

Family of origin, life experiences, aptitudes, and core beliefs are four ingredients that weave together intricately to build your identity…..Core beliefs are the values and assumptions deeply rooted in your heart, and they work as internal compass guiding you through life.

Reading this book really caused me to reassess my strengths and weaknesses and search my heart. Why do I react the way I do? What do I default to in the dark moments?Clueless” has caused me to re-evaluate and reset the boundary lines I’d allowed to be broken, and some fade to gray. I would encourage every woman to buy this book — Not because she is my pastor, or because I love her, but because this book is a tool that could really help in whatever season you find yourself in.

Currently reading: Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and Weird by Craig Groeschel