New Day. New Dream.

I am not sure what you’re facing today or if you are facing some major changes but I’d like to encourage you with what I have learned in the last couple weeks. 1. Don’t fear the loss or the change of a dream. For it is only in the loss of OUR dreams that God can reconstruct HIS dreams for us. Embrace the death, God can only be seen in you if your completely transparent of all you are. 2. Don’t allow your emotions to control your outlook. I have found that my fear of the unknown quickly became my compass instead of my faith in the one who sent me on the journey. Allow God to be the thermostat for your emotions. I heard TD Jakes say that “…through your frustrations God will incubate your greatness…” Don’t worry, God knows the next step, and the next season. 3. Stay the course. When God calls us to more, it usually means we have to travel light. In the midst of all these changes I have been asked to leave all my baggage and agenda’s that I have accumulated in the last 30 years and just follow — It’s been difficult, but the difficulty of it makes it great. Dreaming Big. Loving God. Chari]]>

Trust Fall

Google it — It is pretty hilarious. My friend Corey randomly attempts the “trust fall” on strangers. I’ve realized the moment I got off the plane from Ireland that my life is now a non-stop “trust fall”. In every aspect of my life there has been a DRASTIC change and I am finding my relationships and the dreams I’ve had a ninja grip on have been snatched away and I am just standing here in my indie boots wondering what the HECK is going on!! Question: So what do you do when life throws a curve ball and expects you to STILL hit a home run….while your blind folded….and your standing in quicksand? Answer: Have Peace! Pastor Kerri last night at sisterhood said some things about peace that reignited my hope. Her words reminded me that though my dreams are scary and are bigger than me, that God’s peace is a promise that I should be wholeheartedly believing in, fighting for , resting in, and activating through my worship.

*deep breath

Have peace. God is bigger than whatever it is your walking through. And though I don’t understand A LOT of what God is doing, God is still God in the midst. – Chari  ]]>

My Friend Natalie

Natalie is an epic photographer. This past week while I was in N. Ireland she offered to take some pictures. This chick is CRAZY talented and yet she offered to take her day off and just take some pictures of me. She is by far one of the most humble, and selfless creatives I have ever met… ..and i just wanted to honor her and say thank you for being so amazing and taking FLIPPING stellar pictures of me. You’re the best Natalie! xo Here are my favorites from the shoot:  ]]>