Google it — It is pretty hilarious. My friend Corey randomly attempts the “trust fall” on strangers. I’ve realized the moment I got off the plane from Ireland that my life is now a non-stop “trust fall”. In every aspect of my life there has been a DRASTIC change and I am finding my relationships and the dreams I’ve had a ninja grip on have been snatched away and I am just standing here in my indie boots wondering what the HECK is going on!! Question: So what do you do when life throws a curve ball and expects you to STILL hit a home run….while your blind folded….and your standing in quicksand? Answer: Have Peace! Pastor Kerri last night at sisterhood said some things about peace that reignited my hope. Her words reminded me that though my dreams are scary and are bigger than me, that God’s peace is a promise that I should be wholeheartedly believing in, fighting for , resting in, and activating through my worship.

*deep breath

Have peace. God is bigger than whatever it is your walking through. And though I don’t understand A LOT of what God is doing, God is still God in the midst. – Chari  ]]>