Row for Freedom, I have been teaching social awareness. Each student has been asked to pick a cause and through various creative outlets bring awareness to their cause. This week I have sat through presentations on child abuse, animal rights, human slavery, and the death penalty. I sat through the following: ” I think every child needs a home, and ever child needs a family to love them…” – 10th Grader who was recently adopted ( she then burst into tears and ran out of the class ) ” My mother has married a lot of different men — and I have always felt neglected…” – 8th Grader explaining to her peers why child abuse is wrong. ” My mother was murdered, that is why I believe in jail reform and the death penalty…” – 10th grader sharing the loss of his mother ” …I have little brothers and sisters and no child deserves to be abused or taken from their family…” – 11th Grader expressing her disgust with the slave trade ( she cried through her whole presentation ) I might not be able to row the Atlantic Ocean to bring awareness to the causes I feel strongly about, but I can share my compassion for the broken to my current circle. I encourage you to do the same thing. I started the #rowwithme campaign via Fast21 to help bring awareness as the RFF team rows the ocean. Help me impact people here at home by investing in your workplace, your family, and your friends.

Help Me. Let’s join together and make a change. Do Something.