The Glory of You

Dougie I really never thought he would like it, and everyday I am thankful for what he added to the song, his belief in my writing and his incredible leadership. Since the day I surrendered that song God has shown me in more than one way that no matter the season, and no matter how insignificant I feel in the season He will ultimately be glorified. So here is the remix of the song by my talented friends Celebration worship. You can buy the original version of the song on Itunes here. Also here is a recent rendition from our campus in Northern Ireland. Good Stuff. Humbled, Chari]]>

White Lights

A couple months ago I wrote a song called “White Lights”.

This past Tuesday Fast21 released the single to “Music for a Cause”, White Lights in honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Go buy it on Itunes — All the proceeds will go to the A21 Campaign.
I initially thought I’d sing it on my upcoming album but God had a different plan, as usual. I felt God remove my agenda and again implant a vision in my heart. “Music for a Cause” has been the name of all of our Fast21 events and I knew God was leading me to write for the cause and no longer for myself. And to humble my rockstar ego just a little more He made it crystal clear I was not to sing on the project either, at least not this one. ( I have a pride issue LOL. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? ). Seems like I am always living in the learning curve. God is continually showing what amazing things He will do if I just let go and let him rock me. This week as I bought the song on itunes I felt a peace knowing that my efforts were for something bigger than myself. I felt honored God would use a screw-up like me to further His cause. So I write all this because I need your help. I am asking you to join with me and give of yourself. I am asking you to help me fight human slavery — with just .99 you can help rescue and rehabilitate a victim via A21. If God can use me, He can do way beyond the way beyond with one song on Itunes. I Believe it…together we can change the world. For the Glory of His Name, Chari  ]]>

Advice for the New Year

I had some of my favorite people around me to ring in the new year and I thought it would be wise to ask their advice as I begin the new year. I pray 2012 is epic for you and yours and that this year be your best year ever.

– Chari