A couple months ago I wrote a song called “White Lights”.

This past Tuesday Fast21 released the single to “Music for a Cause”, White Lights in honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Go buy it on Itunes — All the proceeds will go to the A21 Campaign.
I initially thought I’d sing it on my upcoming album but God had a different plan, as usual. I felt God remove my agenda and again implant a vision in my heart. “Music for a Cause” has been the name of all of our Fast21 events and I knew God was leading me to write for the cause and no longer for myself. And to humble my rockstar ego just a little more He made it crystal clear I was not to sing on the project either, at least not this one. ( I have a pride issue LOL. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? ). Seems like I am always living in the learning curve. God is continually showing what amazing things He will do if I just let go and let him rock me. This week as I bought the song on itunes I felt a peace knowing that my efforts were for something bigger than myself. I felt honored God would use a screw-up like me to further His cause. So I write all this because I need your help. I am asking you to join with me and give of yourself. I am asking you to help me fight human slavery — with just .99 you can help rescue and rehabilitate a victim via A21. If God can use me, He can do way beyond the way beyond with one song on Itunes. I Believe it…together we can change the world. For the Glory of His Name, Chari  ]]>