Sisterhood has been one of the monster reasons I finally got by life together. Being under Pastor Kerri Weems leadership is not only a huge honor but a life raft for me. She is ABSOLUTELY as real as it gets and she is living out what she imparts in us. Being a part of celebration sisterhood has really moved me to chase God in every aspect of my life. Through this group I met my best friends ( my friends are a bit epic ) and I am constantly surrounded by life-giving women! I know if I need prayer or just a hug they are there for me. It’s a drama free zone. Every semester I attend Sisterhood Morning and this Semester I’ve decided to lead one of the groups online. I believe in what God is doing through our church and especially through the women’s ministry.

So this is me inviting you..

When: Thursdays at 6 pm Where: Who’s speaking: Pastor Kerri and several other leaders from the Sisterhood rolodex of Awesome!

Why you should come and hang out:

1. Making room for God is always a win, and I promise you — making time for this group will change your life. 2. I am hilarious and you WANT to hang with me! 3. This semester is about Wisdom and we all need that in our lives. Make room this semester and join me online… See you Next Thursday. -Chari]]>