At one time I worked across the street from a cemetery. I know that sounds creepy but it was actually quite a beautiful view; on a sunny day it looked like a sea of green marked with flowery reminders of what once was. At least once a week I would watch a funeral. I know that sounds strange but I found myself standing at my 3rd floor window watching, wondering, and feeling sad for the families. It  definitely put some things into perspective for me.

On one day in particular I watched an elderly woman pull into the cemetery. She parked and limped towards a plot she must have visited several times before. She was prepared with flowers and the different what-not’s she was going to need to make them sitp20120305-132604 perfectly above the headstone. I watched as she placed the flowers. She then walked around them several times occasionally bending down to prune them. She took a lot of time to make them perfect. Once the flowers were pristinely placed she just stared at them and brought her hand to her mouth. She stood there for what seemed like a lifetime and I just continued to watch from a far. After a while she limped back the 100 yards she had ventured to her truck and drove off.

After she left I thought about how much time and care she took to make that person’s surroundings beautiful. I wondered if she had taken that much time and care when that person was alive.  I don’t want to wait to till the people I love are passed to surround their everyday with flowers. I want to take that much effort with my words and with my actions…with all that I am so when The day comes and Im standing at a headstone that I have no regrets.

Even that moment is far from me it still feels close. It was just one of those moments that I knew would change me. One of those moments that made me want to disconnect from documenting my life and actually live it. It was one of those moments that caused something in me to awaken to what I could be missing and what I have already over looked.  Your life is but a vapor, don’t get so caught in hustle and busyness that you forget to actually live it! Look up, have a conversation that doesn’t need an emoji and LIVE ALIVE, its how you we were meant to live.

– Chari