I am in this group. We meet every Wednesday in Linda’s fortress of solitude. We all pile into a small office discuss our highs and lows and then breakdown everything from servant leadership to everything else you could imagine! [highlight]I have amazing friends…And every once in a while I feel compelled to give them some love via my blog. So here I go..[/highlight]

Let me introduce you to my group.

First there is Linda – our fearless leader and the wisest woman I have ever met. I won’t call her a mentor because that would belittle the amazing friendship we have – but she is definitely a major source of encouragement, laughter and Godly wisdom. #BOOM

Then there is Brannen — and yes she is this pretty in real life. She is a walking love story and one of the most epic examples of purity and integrity I have ever encountered. I am in awe of her and if I ever have a daughter I am going to make Brannen her god-mother.

After Brannen you have Mary. Oh Dear Miss Mary. I can only say that this chick is a major WORLD CHANGER and walks in faith like no other.  Jesus is so VISIBLE in my friend Mary. She really walks it out. She is my reminder of total surrender. And yes she is also this pretty in real life — SO ANNOYING!!

After Mary we have Morgan! Morgan is my homie! She makes a mean enchilada and I will never cross her. She exemplifies excellence and  loyalty and I want to be like her when I grow up. No really … I do! Her strength and conviction is something I greatly admire.

Our final member of the group is by far the funniest person I have ever met, Elaine. Not only is she hilarious and always smells AWESOME ( those that know me know i have issues with smells LOL ) but she is also a monster creative. I go to Elaine after everything I design and not only do I look up to her as a peer but also as a creative.

So there you have it… A glimpse into my inner circle, my sisterhood.

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