My dad is a character. My mom hates this picture set of my dad but I love it. I took it a couple years ago during Thanksgiving and to me it is a perfect picture of who he is. He is an ALL IN typo guy. There is no in between with my dad, there is no gray area. It’s something that I greatly admire about him even though at times it’s been a character flaw. He is also a creature of habit. Every morning he goes to the same Hess station and get’s the same cup of gross coffee. He is one of the regulars that befriends every stranger and can make everyone feel like his best friend — I am a lot like him. This morning he told me the manager of his favorite coffee spot past away this weekend. A man named Clinton who was only 34 years old. Dad was visibly upset and I thought about how I genuinely wished I had that much compassion for strangers, and the random people I encounter. I think of Jesus and his compassion on the broken, the lame, and the lost. My dad was the first person to ever say to me, “Love God, Love people. ” My dad was the first person I ever saw model Jesus’ compassion for people. This morning I read Linda’s blog and this quote jumped out at me — “Having compassion does not mean that we are just moved in emotion – but that we’re moved to action.” I want to see people and be moved to action. I want to meet people and be moved by their stories and lives and reflect the love of Christ in every word and aspect of my being. I want to be like Jesus. So all I am really trying to say is … thanks Dad. You did good. Charise