God’s call” and “His will” with such fervor that I lost my way. I replaced His call with my gifts and my lofty human dreams replaced His will. Needless to say along the journey my desire to have a significant purpose overshadowed His plan for me. I adapted and morphed into what I thought people wanted me to be and what I thought I needed to be to hold a place of significance when really my goal should have been transparency. What I have found in this new season is a freedom through surrender that I have never thought I’d experience. The following is what God has been pouring into my heart the last 6 months : The call on your life: Love God, Love People. ( Luke 10:27 ) The call on your life is not a ministry service role or job title. It is and has always been to be Love. God’s will for your life: rejoice always, pray continually, be grateful in every circumstance. ( 1 Thess 5:16-18 ) God’s desire for us is to be near to him and through our nearness we experience the peace and joy that is only found in His presence. Your purpose in life: Live out love; this enables you to be the salt and light in a broken world — side note: your gifts were given to you to enhance that truth, not take it’s place. ( yep ) Paul was right when he declared that he knew nothing but Christ and Him crucified.  The call of God and His will is simple, if we just root ourselves in the truth and  simplicity of our real purpose then transparency takes place and our lives can finally be used to reflect His perfect love. your life matters — choose love, Charise]]>


you can watch the message here ) and I know that the seed this woman sowed into my life changed me and I am forever grateful. She taught me how to see people beyond their current state and to be excellent in my faith through love. Mullins pushed me to have a better work ethic, and I truly believe my desire to succeed and make my life count was because she reminded me everyday that I was capable of great things. So thank you Ms. Mullins. I pray my life would impact the next generation with love and enthusiasm the way your life impacted mine. Charise    ]]>

Find Joy

The picture below was one of the questions left on my desk… To be honest I didn’t know exactly know what to say. I would be a liar if I said I haven’t dealt with this first hand but to discuss it with my kids was pushing me WAY past my comfort zone. As I sat at my desk and allowed this note to make it’s impact and I realized that I needed to be honest with my students and honest with myself. I responded to this note with the following pieces of advice and verses that helped me when I walked through my sad season… ( *paraphrased ) 1. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts know that this season of hopelessness is just where you currently are, not who you currently are. Don’t let where you are in life dictate who you are in life. ( Romans 8:37 , Jeremiah 29:11) 2.  You are not alone, I know you feel like know one understands your current state but trust me we do…Tell someone how you’re feeling, secrets will hold you captive to hopelessness. ( James 5:16 ) 3. Joy is not a reaction to your circumstance but a by product of spending time w/God. Set your mind and focus your heart on lovely things. (Philippians 4:6-8) Today was a reminder that everything I’ve ever walked through was never meant for me — this journey I was chosen to walk was so that I’d one day be able to give Him glory through sharing it. for the glory of His name, Charise ]]>

Weird Dreams Part 2

[highlight]* This is Part 2 — Read Part 1 here[/highlight]

…Trial develops endurance and endurance develops strength of character and character strengthens are confident hope of salvation… (Romans 5:3-4 NLT )

After writing my “weird dreams blog” I realized there was so much more to each dream. I recognized the differences in the type of location and that each had a theme. In my dream where I went running with Pastor Kerri I remembered that we were running around a track. In the dream we ran in circles. It was is if I was in training and had not yet began my race. Looking back on the dream I now understand that it was imperative that I conditioned for the next season and grasped deep into my soul that it was going to be difficult and I needed to be prepared. It was as if God was saying, “Get Ready, something is coming.” I hate running. I played basketball in high school and we were ALWAYS running. Even as an adult I know I’d drop the final pounds I am holding onto if I just ran everyday. Running is my arch nemesis. Running conditions you and makes you fit. And in my dream God was showing me that in order for me to get ready for the next season I needed to start running ( reading my Bible, filtering my heart, surrounding myself with life rafts ).  Changing my spiritual lifestyle has given me endurance during the trials, strengthened my character, and made me confident in the hope of my salvation. What is God asking you to get ready for and what do you need to do to get there? ready, -Charise P.S. I feel compelled to start running now that I’ve written this — UUGGGGHHHHH!!!!]]>