5 top moments/speakers that impacted me the most at #Shine2012. 5. Christine Caine — Seriously, every time she speaks I feel the charge to press through and chase all that God is imparting in the deepest part of my soul. I am constantly inspired by this woman. I would encourage anyone who missed her message the last session of Shine to buy it — it will wreck you in the best way imaginable. ( I am currently allowing God to dig out all I am to build the foundation of His platform ) 4. Kerri Weems & Holly Wagner: This year my beautiful pastor and the epic Holly Wagner spoke about walking into the new seasons of life with courage. I am currently in major transition and after listening to them speak on being fearless in the next season I feel empowered to step mightily into the rain. “Fruit doesn’t grow on the mountain top, it’s grows in the valley” – Holly Wagner 3. My Group: I was able to serve alongside my girls this year. And I truly believe serving alongside each other in the house of God moved our relationship from friends to sisters. #wholenuthalevel 2. Friday Morning Worship: This year I sang one session and I helped Linda host the other sessions so she could prepare for her breakout session. In all the Shine conferences I have ever been a part of what happened Friday morning goes down in history as the most epic worship session ever. Not only was I able to sing along side my best friends ( lindseystar and Jules ) but God totally took that service to a higher level and just to be a part of it was UNBELIEVABLE! God really does give you the desires of your heart if you make his kingdom your primary concern! 1. Serving: This year again I was pushed WAY past my comfort zone. I walked alongside one of the people I honor the most and served at a capacity that stretched me and left me emotionally sore ( in a good way ). I saw things that opened my heart and moved me to love more, and to see with new eyes. I pray that I can continue to serve with an open and transparent heart the way Jesus served. Honorable Mentions: – Judah Smith “Bethel” dancing across the stage – Dr. Caroline Leaf’s accent — WIN – Finding out Lisa Bevere is coming to Shine 2013 — YES!!!

– Thank you Pastor Kerri for your vision and allowing the girls in the house to serve and learn from you. You truly are impacting generations. Love you, Charise

Here is the Shine 2012 Recap Video