I love my big brother. I’ve watched him walk through countless heartache and through every storm he survived he came out wiser, and stronger. He is an amazing father and musician. I could go on an on about his many talents but what I admire the most is his desire to always become better. He is never complacent, never satisfied, he is always choosing to renew his mind even when it puts him in the wrong.

A couple days ago we had a heart to heart about knowing God on a deeper level and I told him I’d been consuming everything Tozer. It’s funny because I’ve been watching him read the book that has impacted me in this last season and I am super humbled that God would allow me to influence the person who always blazed a trail for me. He is my constant reminder that [highlight] if you don’t impact your inner circle you won’t impact the world. Every ripple counts! [/highlight]

If I can influence Him and move him to chase God even more than the world better get ready cause it’s about to get Biblical!


You can follow Julio on Twitter and check out his website. What can I say — I am a fan of all God is doing in his life and through his music. Also, you can download his latest album for FREE here.