Ireland – Final thoughts

* these are in no particular order [highlight] 1. My Irish Inner Circle: Anya, Kate, Judith, and Pastor Rachel Scott [/highlight] The amazing thing about our campus in N.Ireland is that some of my closest friends live there. In the last 2 years I have built relationships that will last me the rest of my life. It’s like my Irish inner circle. During this trip I was able to hug them, kiss their faces, encourage them, and glean from their wisdom. I am so thankful to have such MASSIVE women of God to sharpen my life. It’s such a beautiful example of how global our church is and how we really are ONE church with many campuses. There are no borders, sisterhood is everywhere and no matter where I go God has placed life rafts in every part of my journey. [highlight]2. Sisterhood Night Group [/highlight]  Bethany and I had the most amazing group. It was such a humbling opportunity to speak in to the lives of our Irish sisterhood. I do not take it for granted when people allow you to speak into their lives but it was pretty amazing to spend time with them. It was also such an honor to partner with my friend Bethany Baird. She is a classy lady, and her passion for the youth and for the lost is so inspiring — that night goes down in the history books. I’ll blog again soon, but I have to board my flight. Love you all, thank you for all those who have been praying for us. I’ll be home soon. Charise]]>

Ireland – Day 2

Ireland – Day 2

* Make sure you scroll ALL THE WAY down to check out the video DAY 2: #LoveCraigavon Today we spent the day in Craigavon. It’s referred to as a “failed city”. People feel forgotten and they were shocked we were there to serve them. It was super humbling. I hung out with kids under a bridge, befriended people on buses and our team reflected love to this broken community ( Luke 10: 27 — Love God. Love people ) . Great day…here are some images from day 2. — I know there are typos somewhere in here or in the video…sorry, I am running on no sleep. Love you, Charise]]>

Summer Happenings

[highlight]Ireland Bound: June 17th-25th, 2012[/highlight] I am heading back to Ireland this coming Sunday. This time I will be with celebration sisterhood helping encourage and build our celebration campus in Craigavon. I am so excited to see my Irish besties, I miss them more than words can even describe. I am also excited to see what God is going to do through our team as we impact this broken and forgotten community. Craigavon is not only one of the largest cities for human trafficking in Northern Ireland but it’s a city that has been bombarded with strife and broken apart by religion. I am so honored to be part of the sisterhood team that is going on this trip…I plan to be blogging and adding videos daily so make sure to keep me and the team in prayer as we fly out this coming Sunday, June 17th. [highlight]Fast21 / White Lights Video Shoot: July 7th, 2012[/highlight] I am so stoked!!! We are getting together to complete the story portion of the video for Fast21’s Music for a Cause Project — White Lights. I am so excited please be praying for this project. We truly believe that God is going to do some pretty major stuff with this video. You can buy the song on Itunes, and all the proceeds go to the A21 Campaign! [highlight]I am speaking at Sisterhood Morning: July 18th, 2012, – 10:30 am Midtown Campus[/highlight] That’s right, I am speaking at Sisterhood Morning in July. I am so honored to have been asked to share. I know God has some pretty amazing things planned out for me in this next season, and this is one of them. You should come and hang out — I figure if I can fill the room with people who love me then I won’t be so nervous … LOL. Hope to see you there. [highlight]Motion Conference: July 26th – 29th, 2012 [/highlight] My fabulous friend Mercy Lokulutu is speaking at Motion this year and I get to go with her as she brings the fire!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! First let me just say HOW MUCH I LOVE MERCY, and i can’t believe she is taking my crazy behind with her! Secondly, Linda Riddle is coming to!! This is going to be a trip that goes down in the history books! I can’t wait. Did I mention I am working all summer too…’s going to be a monster 2 months! #Funtimes, Charise]]>


Let your roots grow down deep into Him ( Jesus ) and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.  Colossians 2: 7 When Paul wrote the above verse he was writing the church in Colosse, he was troubled that they would be deceived and since they’d never met Paul personally he wanted to encourage them. He wanted them to understand they were not alone, and that they where loved and covered with the truth. He wanted them to understand who Christ Jesus was and that He was everything they’d ever need. > Let your roots grow down deep into Him: He wanted them to understand the importance of being rooted in Christ. When your life is rooted in Christ your life will reflect all that He is. He will be your nourishment and your every breathe will be guided by Him. > Let your lives be built on Him: Not only did Paul want them to be rooted in Christ but he wanted them to understand building a firm foundation in all Christ is. When the foundation of all you are is built on love then all that people will see is love. Your purpose of reconciling humanity to its creator will be evident because love will be your guide. > Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught…: As a leader he understood his goal was to drive them back to Christ ( the supreme authority ). He KNEW that once they were rooted in Christ and their foundation was built on love that they would begin to truly understand the purpose and mission. If you know what your mission is but do not understand its purpose then you will waver in its execution — Paul wanted to make sure they understood that their faith needed to be strong, rooted and cemented to the truth of Christ (LOVE). > ..and you will overflow with thankfulness. : God’s will for our lives is to be thankful in every circumstance, but we as people find it difficult to be thankful for something we don’t need or want. There is someone in my life who loves me A LOT. Although this person loves me they give me the worst gifts. I mean THE WORST ever! But at the end of the day I am still grateful, and though the situation isn’t ideal I can still see the love in it. Paul wanted these people to see the love in every circumstance and He knew the persecution of the day and that love would give them the “God Filter” they would need to be grateful. [highlight] God knows the persecution and trials of your day. He wants to cover you in His love so that you will have peace. Root yourself in Christ and allow God to build your foundation on His Love, then and only then will you be able to walk out His will for your life by being grateful in every circumstance. Be Encouraged. [/highlight]   rooted, Charise]]>