A21 bracelet every time I go out. Like the ring I get questions, and I always happily begin to explain what A21 does and then I ALWAYS remove it and give it to the person. It’s kind of a thing that I feel compelled to do every single time. Honestly, I am not always happy about giving them away since it usually happens right after I get it in the mail, or after a friend gives me theirs — either way I feel overwhelmed with giving it away. Today as I ordered my new bracelet I felt God say, “… imagine if you had the same joy on your face, and the same desire to give away your faith every time you encounter people the way you do when asked about the ring and bracelet…” AND cue the tears. I never thought I would ever feel more fired up then I have felt lately but it just happened! [highlight]I want people to see my life and ask me why I have joy! Dear Jesus, I want when people ask me what I support and what I am passionate about that YOUR name is what I shout from the roof top. I want transparency…[/highlight] Challenge accepted!! Charise]]>