[highlight]Ireland Bound: June 17th-25th, 2012[/highlight] I am heading back to Ireland this coming Sunday. This time I will be with celebration sisterhood helping encourage and build our celebration campus in Craigavon. I am so excited to see my Irish besties, I miss them more than words can even describe. I am also excited to see what God is going to do through our team as we impact this broken and forgotten community. Craigavon is not only one of the largest cities for human trafficking in Northern Ireland but it’s a city that has been bombarded with strife and broken apart by religion. I am so honored to be part of the sisterhood team that is going on this trip…I plan to be blogging and adding videos daily so make sure to keep me and the team in prayer as we fly out this coming Sunday, June 17th. [highlight]Fast21 / White Lights Video Shoot: July 7th, 2012[/highlight] I am so stoked!!! We are getting together to complete the story portion of the video for Fast21’s Music for a Cause Project — White Lights. I am so excited please be praying for this project. We truly believe that God is going to do some pretty major stuff with this video. You can buy the song on Itunes, and all the proceeds go to the A21 Campaign! [highlight]I am speaking at Sisterhood Morning: July 18th, 2012, – 10:30 am Midtown Campus[/highlight] That’s right, I am speaking at Sisterhood Morning in July. I am so honored to have been asked to share. I know God has some pretty amazing things planned out for me in this next season, and this is one of them. You should come and hang out — I figure if I can fill the room with people who love me then I won’t be so nervous … LOL. Hope to see you there. [highlight]Motion Conference: July 26th – 29th, 2012 [/highlight] My fabulous friend Mercy Lokulutu is speaking at Motion this year and I get to go with her as she brings the fire!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! First let me just say HOW MUCH I LOVE MERCY, and i can’t believe she is taking my crazy behind with her! Secondly, Linda Riddle is coming to!! This is going to be a trip that goes down in the history books! I can’t wait. Did I mention I am working all summer too…..it’s going to be a monster 2 months! #Funtimes, Charise]]>