Today I did one of my last photo shoots for a while. I am in major transmission. I know I have been saying this for a while BUT REALLY, I AM! Anyway, I took some pictures of my cousin Sam and his beautiful wife, Lindsey. Their baby girl is set to arrive any day now and I was honored to capture their last days as a twosome on film. I began to edit them and by the 3rd picture I was crying.

You have to understand that I used to change Sam’s diapers. I was there with him when he took his first steps and I was the one playing with him when he said his first words. Today I took pictures of him and his wife days before he holds his daughter for the first time. I am just amazed how fast time has gone by.

It definitely puts things into perspective. I don’t want to miss this new season, and I don’t want to have missed anything in the one I am about to step out of. It makes me want to stop and take one more look over and take a deep breath all while making sure I’ve not missed anything…