Genesis 3: 1-5 I always say that when I get to heaven I am going to punch Eve. I really have never had a whole lot of compassion for her. I mean seriously, she was living in paradise and gave it all up for a bite of an apple. But as I began to read Genesis again I started to feel really bad for her. See I know what it’s like to have your purpose shaken and questioned. And when you read Genesis 3 you’ll see that the devil caused her to question her purpose with a lie. When I was 18 I dated someone who caused me to question all I knew, so I gave away my heart and fell into sin. When I was 26 I was diagnosed with cancer and I questioned the faithfulness of the God who’d delivered me from sickness years before. Weeks after my 30th birthday I was told I’d never be able to have children and all I knew came crashing down. Like Eve, my purpose and all I believed was shaken and it caused me to question the truth that was living inside my heart. The truth is God is faithful and sovereign and He is for us. The Truth is NOTHING is impossible for God. The truth is that our lives should be a reflection of Christ’s love and we should be walking out a spirit led lifestyle. That’s the truth… I don’t know what your walking through today but don’t allow the lies of the enemy to cause you to question all you know in your heart to be true. -Charise]]>