One day your dad and I will be gone. One day all you will have in this whole world is each other. Learn to love each other now that you’re young…family is important! – My Mom

This sounded like a good idea coming out of my moms lips, but I was 7 and Gaby was 5 and the epic fight that had just ensued didn’t really give a lot of room for love. My mom then told me to hug and kiss my sister…she might as well have told me to kiss a gigantic pile of poop from my reaction! She gave me the look ( you know the look — the one that says, “I’m gonna beat you again if you don’t do what I say!”) and so I kissed her tear stained face. The next four words that came out of her mouth crushed my seven year old pride, “Now, pray for her.” ARE YOU FLIPPIN’ KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW, is what my face screamed, but I laid my tiny hand on her shoulder and asked God to bless her and forgive me for slapping the bajeezus out of her.

I’d like to tell you that my little sister Gaby and I never fought and that we were besties but that would be a mega-lie. There were lots of shoes thrown in our teenage years and even a nintendo at one point when flying through the air at my head, but we loved each other. We stood up for each other. We understood that at the end of the day her wins, were my wins and my loss was her loss.

I remember when she left for college I cried every day. I remebered what mom had told me and every day I prayed for her safety, and I prayed that she would one day fall in love with God. As I read the story of Cain and Abel my heart hurt. I mean no matter how mad I’ve ever been at my siblings I always wanted to see them blessed. Love wishes for others to be blessed. Love hopes, and believes, and pushes forward. I think of Gaby now, and I am so honored that she is my sister. She is the best wife, the best mom, and she loves God. Not sure why this story popped in my head, but I thank God that this morning I was reminded of it. Sometimes we just need simple reminders that [highlight]LOVE never fails and that prayer always brings peace. [/highlight]

Happy Sunday,
– Chari