I love flowers.

You wouldn’t think it, but I do.

When I was a kid my grandmother would randomly stop on the side of the road and pick flowers. It didn’t even matter if it was stopping and clipping one from a strangers lawn — she would do it, and with no shame!! I am assuming this is what caused me to appreciate flowers. Now let me say I hate being outside, any kind of yard work and I DO NOT have a green thumb! Everything I plant dies…but the appreciation is there.

Today my friend Katie brought me flowers and a card to say congrats on my new job. They’re beautiful and the card moved me to tears. In the card she wrote ” You are rare and truly genuine…keep being you.” Honest Moment: I really struggle with being me. See I’m not super skinny, or well spoken, nor do I own a pair of white jeans. I make inappropriate jokes, and wish I could color my hair crazy colors. I spend WAY to much time working out the cuff on my jeans , I am high maintenance, and I will not use public restrooms if they’re filled with people. In short — I am a weirdo. But as I read her card I felt for the first time in a while OKAY with just being me.

I have this great job that I question daily if God got it right. Really Lord, me? Am I good enough, smart enough, capable enough? No I am not…But God has made me good enough, smart enough, and stretched me so far in the last season that I am capable enough. Sometimes we just need reminders that It’s God at work in us, and we just need to be empty enough and weird enough to accept that.

Thanks for my flowers Katie. It made my day.