My grandmother, Dulce Maria was 33 when she left Cuba. She took her tiny family and escaped everything she knew with three visas and I suitcase. My grandparents, my mom and her 2 young brothers fled the enchanted island that I only know from the stories that I have been told. I often think of what she felt knowing she was leaving everything behind. I can’t imagine what she felt like; the hopelessness, the loss of identity and security must have been overwhelming. Even when I ask her about it today she smiles through the tears and changes the subject.

In Genesis 12, Abram finds himself in a similar situation, asked to¬† leave the land of his family. As I read this chapter Mama came to mind, that’s what we call her. As a child I remember Mama telling stories about the corruption and the sadness that overtook the country she once loved. And when you read about Abram, and UR in the Bible you’ll find that UR was a corrupt society. I am sure Abram felt a little hopeless and overwhelmed packing up his family and leaving to an unknown land.But if i’ve learned anything from Mama and Abram its that:

1. Sometimes God asks you to go into a foreign land to rid you of your Identity, because he needs you to find your identity in Him.

2. Sometimes God asks you to go into a foreign land to rid you of your security, because he needs you to find your security in Him.

3. He will never send you without the essentials.

I don’t know where God is asking you to go. I don’t know what God is asking you to let go off, but know that legacy follows obedience. Wherever you have to step into, make sure step into it with faith and integrity. You are not alone, He is with you…