he was my promise. We had been friends for years and even dated briefly in our teens so I am certain my claim to him was hilarious since he laughed and said, “you never know, maybe one day!?” — I then kissed him! Yea, I am that girl! What!? Okay, okay I know I was a little over-zealous but I wanted my promise to understand he was mine. Now, what the heck does this have to do with Abram? Well, I am gonna tell you! Abram was living in and among his promise but he had to wait for it. There will be times where God will unveil a mystery to you but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have it immediately. There are things that He will have to you show first. Abram learned quickly that there will always be people encamped in your promise, and standing in the way of your purpose. For him it was various nations, for me it was a very pretty, and petite Puerto Rican girl. But what I learned in the wait and what my excavation of Genesis has confirmed is that… [highlight]1. We should always keep the right perspective[/highlight] What God gives us is for His glory and if we have to wait for it then there must be something we need to learn or grow in in-order to successfully walk in the promise. Be patient. Don’t run up on your promise and claim it, TRUST ME, God’s timing is perfect. [highlight]2. We need to worship through the wait[/highlight] Everywhere Abram was moved to he would stop and build and altar and worship. Pretty amazing stuff. Can you imagine what life would look like if every time we faced a difficult change or situation we stopped and worshiped — that would be a game changer. I want to do that…Just stop and throw my hands up Timothy Green Style and worship! [highlight]3. We should always keep moving forward![/highlight] When Abram was asked to move, he moved. It says in Genesis 12:9 that he moved in stages. Life is full of stages, and seasons. Each stage has it’s importance so don’t miss what God could be showing at each step of the journey.   -Chari]]>