I cannot imagine what Moses’ mom, Jochebed, felt like as she laid her baby boy in a basket and watched him float down a river. I can’t imagine the heartbreak and the fear. The hope that this drastic “letting go” would possibly save the life of her future had to be what kept her sane as she watched him float away. Moses later on down the river bend is found my Pharaoh’s daughter and then oddly hands back the baby to his mother to be cared for. As I read this story I initially felt it was story that talked about how God returns your dreams once they’ve been surrendered. But if you read through Exodus you’ll find that after she…

– births him
– nurses him
– and is asked to babysit him until he is a little older

…she gives Moses back the Pharoah’s daughter so she can

– raise him until he is fully grown
– name him
– and adopt him as her own

I was so mad as I read this. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, SHE HAD TO GIVE HIM AWAY AGAIN!!! In that moment I felt the Lord quicken my heart and say “Surrender is not a one time act, its like breathing…you have to do it daily, every moment in order to survive.” #boom ( yea the Lord hashtags things to me…LOL )

The example that came to mind was my songwriting. I birth these songs and I hold on to them for a while but in order to see them come to fruition I have to send them down the river. I have to give them to someone else to care for, to sing, to arrange for the masses. Many times I give them away unnamed, and more names are added to the ownership of the song. My song no longer becomes mine but ours in order to impact more people.The dreams you are given are to impact people and for the glory of the one who implanted the dreams in your heart. It was never meant for us to hoard and hide — whatever your dream or idea is, share it.

For Jochebed, the power of letting go saved a nation from slavery. What an amazing thing to have been a part of, what a legacy she left! I want my life to be known for the things I’ve let go instead of the things I’ve held onto. It’s what we let go that God can use freely.

Let Go,