My husband is very spontaneous. He loves to surprise me and sweep me away to fun places, or new restaurants. I am not spontaneous. So every time he attempts anything remotely close to what I will consider “The Usual” I freak out and I begin going down my list of questions.


– Where are we going?
– Will I like it?
– Is it going to cost anything, if so how much?
– Am I appropriately dressed? (Girls you know what I mean!)
– Who else is going?
– Will we be eating at some point?
– Is it far away?

After I’ve gone through my rolodex of questions/concerns he ALWAYS gives in and just tells me what we are doing, and it’s like I’ve popped whatever balloon of excitement he had with a gigantic needle!

I was reading the story of Moses and I laughed thinking of Moses asking the same kind of questions to God after he encountered the burning bush.

– Who am I to be able to accomplish this?
– What should I say?
– What if they don’t believe me?
– What if they question my authenticity?
– What I don’t know how to speak correctly?
– Are you sure, can you send someone else?

In the story Moses tells God, “I can’t speak well, I can’t do this?”And in Exodus 4:11 God says, “Who makes a persons mouth!?” That’s right, the God who created the heaven’s and earth made Moses’ mouth and called him for such a time and he was totally questioning God. And so as I read this story I said out loud, “Are you kidding me Moses, He made your mouth!!!! He is an Awesome God that made you Awesome!! I cannot believe you are questioning the God who just showed up in a burning bush!” Just as I said those words, I was reminded I question God all the time. Not only do I question my husband who loves me and wants the best for me, I also question the God who created me, and knows me better than anyone!

I remember when I got the job to work with Pastor Kerri, I spent two months leading up to it questioning God as if I was drafted for the position and not divinely chosen. I was consumed with, “how can I do this, I am not good enough” instead of “Lord, you opened the door so I’ll trust you.” In the story of Moses, God gives Moses his brother Aaron to speak on his behalf. God seems to say, “okay, okay, I give, your brother will help you.” But I don’t want to question God  until he brings in a safety net, I want to believe in HIM so much that I don’t question him at all. And when he says GO, I go. When he says, “I have this task for you,” I high-five him and say, “God, you made me awesome, I believe in you and you got this…”

Be encouraged. Not sure what you are facing or what you are walking into, but trust in the God who created you for such a time as this. He will make a way. No matter the Pharaoh you face, or what you are enslaved to the God of the impossible has it under control.