I bite my nails. I can’t remember when I started but it has always been something i’ve done. A couple years ago I made a huge push to stop. You know that verse in 1 Corinthians that says to not be mastered by anything? Well I was totally and still am at times mastered by this. I have made every stride to stop but sometimes a nail will break after I’ve spent months getting them done, and painting them. Even after I’ve done EVERYTHING to make sure they maintain their awesomeness one will still break. I find when one breaks, another soon will follow and then I just get fed up and bite them all off. I mean if one is gonna look horrible then they all should, right? But this past week when my thumb nail broke I instantly remembered, “I am not mastered by this. I am mastered by Christ and by the Holy Spirit. It’s even in the little things that God guides you…don’t give in…”

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. It kind of sucked to be honest. If I had a time-machine I probably would have started yesterday over a million times over! It was like one thing went wrong and the snow ball of other things followed. I find it’s the little things that bring me the most anxiety. My emotions took control and as I laid in bed last night I thought, “today was like my nails…Instead of me pulling it together after the first issue I bit everything else off!” Honest Moment: I struggle to walk out the life intended for me. The life where I am mastered by Christ in everything — My words, my heart and my mind. It’s frustrating because sometimes I feel like I should have aced this already, ya know? But alas it is my kryptonite…

This has been a gut check for me to
1. Get in the word MORE
2. Spend MORE time in prayer
3. CONSUME myself with the things that are good and right and true.

Thank you Lord for the reminder that I need you more, and that a complacent heart is susceptible to hostile take overs.