honest moment ) Oh to be human and in love with the God of all creation; I have found that sometimes this love gets complicated. Not on His end of course, but on mine. See, His love is faithful, my love get’s blurred, and frustrated, and bitter, and offended and about 45 more “&’s.” In the midst of my confusion I always come to the realization that I am one hop, one skip, and one more sassy word away from 40 more years in the desert — Then I usually let out a massive sigh, look up to the sky and whisper,  ” I see whatchu did there…” I’ve learned A LOT in the last 6 months but as I sat in my office today marking off my to do list the Lord spoke clearly to me once again, and as usual I sighed and made a sassy remark…Today’s sassy remark I made to the Lord was , “Seriously!!??” Reality Check : 1. Just being able to hear him, and knowing he is standing by my side is enough. 2. I don’t need my future drawn out in the stars, or all my questions answered I just need to be content and at peace that He is with me and He is God. #TrueStory 3. Sometimes God will simplify things to realign your vision, and tighten your heart strings. Be okay with it! And that’s the lesson I learned today folks…this is me…being still & knowing He is God. Chari]]>