Me: “Excuse me!? ( dramatic pause ) Did you say “shut-up” to my brother?” ( cue the finger to her face and the hand on my hip ) Ms. Ladeco: ” Uh …. ( in total shock ) ….. Yes? ” Me: Well, you better never do that again, or else! I am not sure what ” or else ” meant at that moment , I’d just seen it in a movie some where and it sounded dramatic. Ms. Ladeco: ” Uh …. ( Still in total shock ) ….. ” Me: You hurt his feelings, and just so you know I will be telling my mother… ( cue the stare down and exit ) [highlight] It was the best moment of my life.[/highlight] I stood up to a bully and I won! This morning in my bible reading I read about David and Goliath. What I love about the story is when David heard about Goliath he was like, “put me in coach!” It says the giant advanced towards David and he ran towards Goliath! WHAT!! He was totally unafraid and ready to do work! Now, I know that Ms. Ladeco was not a giant; and yes, I later received a rather epic thrashing from my mother for yelling at an adult, but that’s not the point. The point is there are so many giants in life and sometimes I wish I still had the same fearlessness I had as a kid. UGH! Instead of chasing giants I have found I am swinging recklessly at the air or worse, cowering away. Ain’t no one got time for that!

Lord Jesus, make my life matter! I want to live a life that brings you glory! I want to be like David, the first to say, “Yes”, unafraid to move forward and totally anchored and strengthened in your goodness.
My hope for the next leg of this journey is to be found [highlight]taking up the charge[/highlight], [highlight]readily picking up stones[/highlight] and [highlight]running towards the giants[/highlight]! Here’s to slaying giants and being awesome, Chari    ]]>