not sure who this is for…but please read it in a stern but loving voice! ) On April 1st I will have been in my new job for 8 months. And to be honest; it’s been the hardest, most amazing, life changing, tear jerking, side hurting from laughing so much, eight months of my life. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING I have walked through and EVERY single job and person I have ever encountered was preparing me for what I am doing right now. Really? — Yep.

( Side Note: Nothing is meaningless. Every moment counts. Today matters. Embrace it. You are impacting eternity with every word you say and every person you meet. Today is leading you somewhere…)

I sit at my desk everyday and I am in awe of what God has walked me through. Reality Check: it has ALL led me to here. Here…working for Celebration Church and serving God in a way that has stretched me beyond the beyond. Everything has led me to here… I don’t know what your walking through and I don’t know what dream you are holding onto with a ninja grip…but I am telling you with everything that is in me, you need to surrender all you think you know and every dream you can fathom, because whatever God has for you is bigger, badder, and better! Trust me…I AM LIVING PROOF. [highlight]Surrender is the only road to your dreams.[/highlight] And I can say this because I am walking it out. If there is something that you’re scared to let go of because you’re living in fear that you won’t get it back… ( relationship, ministry, a job, whatever ) — let it go. Nothing is more important than the eternal impact. Love God. Love People. That’s all that matters. ( cue me throwing my mic on the floor, stepping off my soap box and tripping over the curtain as it closes. ) #truestory Chari]]>