Grandmother has a legacy. My mother has spent her whole life teaching those who no one wanted to teach. Five years ago she retired early from her position at the school board and took her entire retirement to start a school for kids who others had given up on. Her school has blossomed into this beautiful harbor for those who may have been overlooked, and I am amazed at her selflessness. My mom has a legacy. I turn 32 years old next month, and as I do every year as my birthday nears I ponder my legacy. I found myself this morning asking what will the next generation say about my life. What have I done with the 30+ years God has given me on this earth? My mind was overwhelmed with, “What have I done? What did I make? What I have I created? What will I do?” Just then I came to the verse in Psalms that set my heart to rest…

Those who Trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be moved but they will endure forever. Psalms 125:1
As usual that still small voice spoke loudly to my soul and said, [highlight]”It’s not what they did that has left a legacy, it’s who they trusted to see them through. Legacy is a gift to the life that’s surrendered and real legacy is eternal”[/highlight] ( cue the sigh, the tears and the awkward silence… ) All God has ever asked for was for my heart. He didn’t die on a cross so I could leave a worldly legacy and so people could say, I did a great job with what I was given. He died a wretched death so I’d live my life devoted to all He is, being love to all I encounter. For a moment this morning I forgot. In my tired, haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning state, the truth eluded me.

Love God. Love People. ( that’s legacy, that’s all that matters )

Life lesson of the day: Don’t get so overwhelmed with the tasks that life brings your way that you forget the why behind who you are, and why you’ve been placed on this earth. It’s easy to loose sight of those simple truths when we’re tired or overwhelmed. Write them on the tablet of your heart… or tuck em into your bra ( whatever works for you ) — just keep His truth for you close to you so in those moments like this morning you can quickly remind yourself that, you’re His, and that’s all you need. TrueStory, Chari    ]]>