SONY DSCI’ve built many things with my hands. I’ve written songs, thumbed out melodies on my guitar. I’ve created websites, and videos, and graphics that have faded into the backdrop. When this life comes to an end what will be said of me? Will they say that I was a good wife, or that I thrived at the creative? Will it be said that I honored my parents, or that I was a great assistant? Will my friends feel like like I was loyal and sharpened their lives? I hope so. I hope all those things are said…but I hope they say them because I ultimately gave my life to the cause of Christ, and loved people. I hope the things that are said of my life are just overflows of loving Jesus and people. I don’t ever want to loose sight of what is important.

It’s not what we build with our hands that leaves an eternal legacy, it’s what God builds with our lives that leaves an eternal legacy.
Seems like this topic has been at the forefront of my heart as of late but I feel it’s so important that we as Christians, we as people, don’t get caught up in chasing the wind and forget that we should be living with an eternal mind set. If you aren’t building the eternal then your building castles in the sand. Build wisely. Chari Hebrews 12: 1-2    ]]>