As of last week there is now a bird that feels compelled to start singing to Jesus every night outside my bedroom window around 1am. His concert lasts several hours and let’s be honest, I have thought many times of how to rid myself of its incessant singing. But alas, I am stuck with the bird.

Last night promptly at 1am he began his warm-ups. And this is the conversation with my husband that followed…at 1am…as I was trying to sleep…

Bird: Chirp, Chirp…
Me: You gotta be kidding me!!
Esteban: It’s a bird, they sing.
Me: at 1am!!
Esteban: Apparently…
Cue Esteban immediately turning over and nodding off.

Me ( in my head ): I guess I won’t be sleeping again tonight, thanks stupid bird.
The Lord ( in my head ): It’s a bird. It’s mine. I created it to worship me. It worships me even at the most unconventional times. It worships me when it’s not convenient….
Me ( in my head ): ( interrupts ) So…what are you saying?
The Lord ( in my head ): What would your life look like if you worshipped me like that? What would your life look like if you allowed me to interrupt your sleep, your workday, your routine? Would you listen? … You are not interruptible.

I am pretty sure if God had a microphone that’s when he would stare me down, drop the mic and walk off the stage. #boom

Me ( in my head ): … *crickets

It’s true. I am not easily interrupted. I tend to get tunnel vision and I thrive in my routine, and if my routine or plan gets shaken, I panic. I panic because that means I no longer have control. Honest Moment: I must always be in control.

My son, devote yourself to me fully.
Observe my ways, and follow my directions:
Proverbs 23:26 ( The voice )

I am so thankful for the bird outside my window that reminded me today that I need to be interruptible. So thankful that God saw fit to keep me up just to remind me I am His, and there are still parts of me that need to be devoted fully. Truth of the matter is I can’t follow His direction if I am not tuned into His voice. Reality check: I can’t hear Him if I allow myself to be bombarded by the busyness of my life. It’s time to reevaluate what I am allowing to speak the loudest and drive my soul.

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