, “I feel the Lord wants you to know that your words will never hold more weight than they hold now.” In moments like that I’d usually say to myself ,”challenge accepted!” but instead, tears filled my eyes. Every verbal mishap I’d already faced in the early weeks of accepting this position as Pastor Kerri’s executive assistant swam to the forefront of my mind. All I could do in that moment was open my Bible and write down the words she said. Honest moment: After she spoke those words I felt compelled to stop blogging unless I was led, stop speaking unless I was sent and just try to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t understand the prompting but I knew whatever lesson it was I needed to learn I needed to be listening and not talking. Last night in my devo I read the following story in Matthew 8:1-4

Large crowds followed Jesus when He came down from the mountain. And as Jesus was going along, a leper approached Him and knelt down before Him. Leper: Lord, if You wish to, please heal me and make me clean! Jesus (stretching out His hand):Of course I wish to. Be clean. Immediately the man was healed. Jesus: Don’t tell anyone what just happened. Rather, go to the priest, show yourself to him, and give a wave offering as Moses commanded. Your actions will tell the story of what happened here today.
As I read this the following jumped out at me. 1. Don’t tell anyone what just happened. Rather, GO to the priest, show yourself to him. 2. GIVE a wave offering (the offering those who were healed by leprosy were asked to give) 3.  Your actions will tell the story of what happened here today Growing up, people used to say, “don’t talk about it, be about it.” In this season God is teaching me to “be about it.” If I say I love God, show it. Live totally devoted at all costs and in every moment. If I say I love people than in every situation I need to be love. It has been a hard pill to swallow, I mean seriously…it’s as if God whispered…”shh shhhh, I love you but I need you to lock it up.” It’s as if I handed Him the makeshift platform I was standing on along with my hypothetical bullhorn and I just went to work. In this season I’ve learned that the platform is usually desired by those who don’t have one and people who are making an impact don’t have to tell anyone, they just make an impact. Jesus didn’t need for the leper to tell anyone what He did. He wasn’t in the game to make a name for himself. Jesus was about His father’s business. He said GO to the priest ( the priest would inspect the leper and tell everyone What GOD had done. ) He said GIVE an offering ( the offering would be given back to God ) He didn’t need recognition, Jesus understood His season and His place. He knew actions would tell the story and His actions and timely words said in the right time would eventually lead him to the greatest and most selfless act…the cross. Let’s be Christians that don’t talk about it, let’s be about it. Go, Give, and let your actions tell your story. Chari]]>