John 14. After highlighting most of the chapter I felt compelled to share with you what I learned.  Here’s some context: The last supper has just happened and Jesus has washed the feet of every disciple. John 14 begins this beautiful epilogue from Jesus to His disciples.  As I read through the chapter I felt the need to make a list of the things Jesus shared with His disciples. If these were the things He really wanted them to remember and pocket before He left the earth then I needed to make sure not to miss it either. Below is my list, I pray it motivates you to seek out His heart, His will and His nature.

Things I need to learned from the Father
1. Don’t get lost in despair. Despair will alter your vison and that will cause your belief system to shift. (verse 1) 2. Get to REALLY know Jesus. Jesus is the only way to truly know the Father. (verse 5-8) 3. Our words and actions must be Holy Spirit led. That is the way others will know we belong to the Father. (verse 9-11) 4. If we are Holy Spirit led and chase Jesus with all that we are,  Heaven can and will Invade earth. (verse 12) not alone5. Ask and it will be given — but the glory will be God’s, so ask wisely, and ask unselfishly. Ask for things you’re mature enough to steward well. (verse 13-15) 6. Being led by and filled with the Holy Spirit will change you, so don’t get frustrated with the world for not understanding you. Your response should never be to fit in or to water down the life you live because your misunderstood. Being misunderstood will be the your lot in life, but that’s okay, Jesus was misunderstood and He saved humanity. (verse 16-17) 7. You are never alone. Don’t let the reality that you see impact what you know deep in your soul. (verse 18) 8. Love births obedience. Love for the Father will unlock His heart for people, His will for our lives & His nature so that we may replicate it. (verse 20-21) 9. Learn all you can from the Holy Spirit! Embrace development! ( verse 26 ) 10. Do not allow your heart to be troubled or to be fearful. Peace is the legacy He left for us. Peace is our inheritance and where we should be firmly planted. ( verse 27 )  ]]>