Dimelo Cantando

My grandmother is hilarious, wise and brutally honest. She facebooks like a champ and she will straight repost your instagram pictures like a ninja, and don’t expect a photo cred, that’s how she roles! She’s super gangster with her social media. It’s one of the reasons I love her so much. Whether it’s communist Cuba or Social media, she will be governed by nothing and no one…except Jesus! I went to the hospital to see her today and she let me know in the lovely Cuban way that my smolder is not cute and I need to smile normally. She’s a trip. We don’t get a lot of time together, so when I have her ear, I always ask her questions. Today this conversation happened… Me: Viejita, when you left Cuba you were my age? Mama: Yes. I was thirty, like you. Me: Actually, I am thirty-three but I will take that. * Mama laughs and asks me to take a picture with her because she likes her shirt and suggests I post it after she has thoroughly examined the photo. Mama Me: okay, I need you to focus. I have a question. Mama: Ask your questions. [ she now scrolls through her social media like a boss to okay my post] Me: If you could go back to the 30 year old version of yourself and give advice to her right before you left Cuba, what you you tell her? Mama: Love Jesus! You won’t be able to survive your life without Jesus. I would then probably quote a couple Bible verses, but I would tell her about Jesus. Me: Would you have listened? Mama: Oh Yes! I have always been obedient. Me: What else? Mama: Consider others. Walk in their shoes… Me: [ interrupts ] Wait! was that something you struggled with in your youth? Why would you say that? Mama: Because, it’s important. You should always consider others, let them know they are important and you care for them. I’d tell myself to care for people. REALLY care for them.¬† [ she pauses as if she has more to say but is thinking through it ] Oh yes, and don’t be critical…I do that sometimes… Me: [ LAUGHS ] Ugh yea, you just told me my smile was crooked! Mama: well it is, stop making those faces… Me: What Faces?? Mama: That one! [ points at my face ] Me: That’s my face… Mama: No, it’s not. Me: This conversation is just getting weird. Mama: Anymore questions? Me: No, I think that covers it. [ end scene ]]]>

Comparison: The Doorway to Envy

Havila Cunnington and she is awesome! I love to see GodChicks inspiring others to follow Jesus with passion and humor. Sisterhood is taking over all over the world and I am stoked to share this video with you. Hope you are encouraged.]]>

Part 2 : Embrace Your Season


Florida is a fickle state when it comes to weather, and Jacksonville, Florida is consistently living in a state of confusion. Seasons usually don’t arrive to Florida until about January. Unfortunately for this girl, summer is a painful sweaty season that continues through the fall months. Beautiful and breezy fall that the northern states experience are replaced with a never ceasing summer that feels a little bit like a sauna drizzled with a non-existent hurricane warning. Winter then randomly surprises everybody including our meteorologists for about 4 weeks in mid-January and just when this girl can finally wear her fall gear summer returns with a vengeance around March. And so the glorious cycle of sweat continues. I have found that my life seasons sometimes mirror the Florida weather, unpredictable and the only thing I can be certain of is that I am going to be uncomfortable. Embracing my current season has never been easy. But as the wise Pastor Kerri Weems recently said,
“How you finish one season will determine how you start the next.”
So here I am…trying to finish strong. But if I am completely honest, I’d have to say I don’t necessarily always finish well or finish strong. I usually am just so relieved to have crossed the line of the season that I bypass any desire to finish the season high fiving anyone at the finish line. And FUGGETAHBOUT embracing all the lessons I was meant to learn. In my early twenties you’da been lucky if I remembered anything good at all. I won’t lie, there are still remnants of that immature kid that likes to remind me its hot! Even now as I am entering into a new season it still feels a lot like summer… I find myself still uncomfortable… still having to wear gear I don’t necessarily like or prefer…but this season that never seems to end is where God has me. It’s where God is molding me, building my character, and I am being developed. The funny thing about living in a permanent state of summer is I’ve gotten real good at not sweatin’ and learned in moments where I can’t take the heat to find the metaphorical shade. So, how does one embrace their season? We do it by living surrendered and embracing Jesus. Ya know that whole Shadow of His wings thing, yea, they weren’t joking about that. It works. If I’ve learned anything in my thirty-three years its that surrendered is the only way to live. Life was never meant to be easy, or comfortable, it was meant to be surrendered. So if you’re living through a season that you really just want to escape from, remember that… – Joy isn’t found in the easy seasons where everything is working out great, joy is found in Jesus. – Peace and rest aren’t found in the seasons where there’s no busyness or time is abundant. Peace and rest are found in Jesus. – The only way you can embrace your season is by surrendering yourself and embracing Jesus. Everything leads back to Jesus. EVERYTHING. #truestory, Chari]]>