Honest moment: I have a tendency of having an idea for the blog or embracing wild whims and never seeing it to completion. Like growing out my hair and decaf coffee, they are great ideas, but never gonna happen. Don’t even get me started on the “Babe, if we move into an apartment with a gym i’ll work out everyday!” I haven’t worked out since 1999. #Truestory

So. Here. It. Goes. Several years ago I spoke at a graduation and I came up with 9 things I wish someone would have told me as a teen. Then I realized they were things that I wish I would have been told in my 20’s. Who am I kidding, I am thirty-three and still need to remind myself of these things daily. So I came up with, The Glorious Pamphlet [slash] Manifesto of Random Tid-Bits of Wisdom. I am not saying I am The Great and Powerful OZ or anything of the sort, but I am surrounded by some pretty wise people and I take an unhealthy amount of notes. In these posts I am going to share the things I’ve experienced, lessons I’ve learned from wise people, and things I am still trying to master. My hope is that each topic will encourage you to love God, love people and live surrendered. // Embrace Your Season // The Illusive Call // Perspective is Everything // Greatness is a Myth // Embrace The Rain // Transition: the How to’s // Be Faithful // Pursue Joy // Live Alive   Happy Monday, Chari]]>