My grandmother is hilarious, wise and brutally honest. She facebooks like a champ and she will straight repost your instagram pictures like a ninja, and don’t expect a photo cred, that’s how she roles! She’s super gangster with her social media. It’s one of the reasons I love her so much. Whether it’s communist Cuba or Social media, she will be governed by nothing and no one…except Jesus! I went to the hospital to see her today and she let me know in the lovely Cuban way that my smolder is not cute and I need to smile normally. She’s a trip. We don’t get a lot of time together, so when I have her ear, I always ask her questions. Today this conversation happened… Me: Viejita, when you left Cuba you were my age? Mama: Yes. I was thirty, like you. Me: Actually, I am thirty-three but I will take that. * Mama laughs and asks me to take a picture with her because she likes her shirt and suggests I post it after she has thoroughly examined the photo. Mama Me: okay, I need you to focus. I have a question. Mama: Ask your questions. [ she now scrolls through her social media like a boss to okay my post] Me: If you could go back to the 30 year old version of yourself and give advice to her right before you left Cuba, what you you tell her? Mama: Love Jesus! You won’t be able to survive your life without Jesus. I would then probably quote a couple Bible verses, but I would tell her about Jesus. Me: Would you have listened? Mama: Oh Yes! I have always been obedient. Me: What else? Mama: Consider others. Walk in their shoes… Me: [ interrupts ] Wait! was that something you struggled with in your youth? Why would you say that? Mama: Because, it’s important. You should always consider others, let them know they are important and you care for them. I’d tell myself to care for people. REALLY care for them.  [ she pauses as if she has more to say but is thinking through it ] Oh yes, and don’t be critical…I do that sometimes… Me: [ LAUGHS ] Ugh yea, you just told me my smile was crooked! Mama: well it is, stop making those faces… Me: What Faces?? Mama: That one! [ points at my face ] Me: That’s my face… Mama: No, it’s not. Me: This conversation is just getting weird. Mama: Anymore questions? Me: No, I think that covers it. [ end scene ]]]>