Side note: This may sound weird but sometimes I will watch messages I have already taught to remind myself not only that I need to practice what I preach but to remind myself of His revelations and promises that are¬† STILL relevant and working itself out in me. This morning I was reminded yet again through the life of Daniel that though he lived his entire life in exile – Miracles happened all the time – God’s favor never waivers, we do. Stay rooted. – His identity & vision stayed intact even when the world changed his name and purpose. – He heard from God and never stopped seeking him even when surrounded by lions. – His lions den victory was an overflow of the little victories no one ever saw. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we were never meant to live outside the walls of eternity. Sometimes we need to just remember we were meant for shalom, nothing missing, nothing lost. Yet sin entered the world and we find ourselves in exile. We find ourselves in search of shalom, in search of miracles, and identity, and purpose. Don’t get caught up in the search, just be still. Daniel’s soul remained still and sought God even when the scenery changed. He knew that no matter his location his destination was always eternity. Not sure who this is for today but be encouraged, the scenery in this life will get stormy at times it will get hostile but its in those moments when we need to remind ourselves that we are in exile. So walk it out in love, BE BRAVE….lions den victories that impact kings and kingdoms ONLY happen in exile.   #ExileLogic Chari  ]]>