We are all broken until we get on the other side of eternity, so surrender your broken parts and let God do the rest. C’MON JESUS! ( and scene ) okay, okay, back to King David…. Question, Have you ever done something that was really bad, like royally bad, and felt like no matter what you did you couldn’t live it down? If you read the entire story in 2 Samuel you’ll find that after King David get’s his butt handed to him, the baby he fathered with Bathsheba dies. Yep, to make matters worse the baby dies. For seven days the baby is sick and David is like SUPER upset! SUPER!!! He fasts, cries, looks like a crazy for a week THEN to totally mess with my mind He hears that the baby dies, gets up, takes a bath and moves on. I’m sorry… What??!!! Dude, you just killed a guy who’s wife you knocked up and now the secret you tried to hide and that came out in the open has died and you just let it go!?? You just dust yourself off, change your wardrobe like Beyonce and go get your WORSHIP on!?? Okay, let’s stop here….WHY DOES THAT PART OF THE STORY GET BY PASSED??  THAT’S THE BEST PART!!! What a gangster! I want to live like that! I want to be able to live with the constant realization that at times EVEN IN MY ROYAL MESS that there will be nothing left that I can do but dust myself off, clean myself up and worship God. I mean how awesome would that be if even when we face things that are not our fault, or things that are our fault, or things that we have NO control over and just get up, throw up our white flag to WHATEVER God is doing and worship. UGH! What a game changer! I share all this to say that no matter what you’ve done, no matter what has been done to you God has a plan, and His plan is to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. So dust yourself off, wipe your tears, get out of your sweatpants, stop watching netflix for 15 hours and WORSHIP! Oh, I almost forgot…Remember, there is Solomon blessing waiting for you once you DO get up…but you have to get up and worship! You can do it, I believe in you! Encouragement, BOOM! xo Chari  ]]>