Starting a new series on the blog called #hashtags – life lessons from the world around me.   I hope yo start posting a set of images that I’ve taken or designed form my instagram along with the lessons and thoughts behind them.

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The last thing my grandmother said to me before she passed was to, “Love Jesus, you will never survive this life without Him.” She is the inspiration behind what I now refer to my #OnlyJesus posts on Instagram. Hope they inspire you they way they inspired me.

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Life Verses, High School Speeches, and Things I get to do!

they are probably gonna do whatever they want so keep it simple. My message tonight is titled it SEEK FIRST. Is it weird that this sermon started out as a blog post? Well, either way my points are below…believing God to really move and for them to have open ears and hearts. C’mon Jesus!

 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. – Matthew 6:33 NLT
I love that in the message version this verse breaks it down like this…

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.

This world is full of fillers and things to chase but ONLY one leads you to eternity and has an eternal impact. And that’s what I am gonna share about tonight …

//The importance of rooting yourself in a GOD-REALITY is the game changer. Because the reality is we are daughters and sons of the most High God. Knowing who you are early will set you up for wins later.

// Knowing that there is always a GOD- INITIATIVE, a purpose for your life that is authored by your creator will keep you walking forward when the world tells you to stop, or veer off the path that God has planned and purposed for you. No matter how many storms or voices enter and exit your life the God-Initiative will never change. You are born for greatness, and greatness resides in you!

// The world will tell you provision is on the mountain peaks of success and can only be accessed through what the world deems as successful. But GOD-PROVISION is an open chest of treasure for those that seek Him with all they are. Remember that at the end of the day He has named you, chosen you, and purposed you for great things…you just need to believe it.

Listen to Me, O Jacob, Israel whom I’ve specially named, specially chosen, and not without purpose. I Am the first of all things, and I will be the last. It is by My power, My desire, My doing that the earth was anchored. My hand flung the skies. I established them,  And when I call, they pay the strictest attention. – Isaiah 48:12-13

God is a BIG God, and no matter what you will face in life His plans and gifts are unshakable. So seek first His kingdom, be a Kingdom person focused on the eternal impact of your life and all these things will be added unto you.

I’ll let you know how it goes, Chari]]>


instagram. I did this for a number of reasons but mainly because I love lists and because even until the very end my 33rd year of life felt compelled to give it to me. Well played 33, well played!

NO. 10 If 33 has taught me anything it’s when life seems overcast God is protecting you from something…be it the metaphorical sun or even from yourself, every season has its purpose and everything is meant to grow you. Don’t lose perspective, God is always at work — so BE THANKFUL ALWAYS! There’s always something to be thankful for! Thankfulness energizes your soul when you lose sight of the sun/son. NO. 9 If 33 has taught me anything it’s to embrace exile.
Daniel lived his entire life in exile and
miracles happened there,
breakthrough happened there,
revelation was given there…
This year I came to the realization that our entire lives will be lived in exile until we see eternity and just like in the time of Daniel, miracles, breakthrough and perspective is not dependent on my location but by the attitude of my heart. NO 8. If 33 has taught me anything its that life is like the Florida weather, fickle and subject to erratic change. 33 taught me that change was inevitable and the only way to survive change was to REALLY learn how to be flexible and adapt to whatever conditions I was currently facing…and like the weather taught me this week I need to make sure I always have an umbrella (covering) and my sunglasses (protection for my vision) handy — because perfect conditions are never promised, they are perceived. NO. 7 This year I lost my grandmother, and then shortly after my siblings each moved to a different state. Each of us also received a small token from my abuelita and in a way those reminders continue to unite us even though we are far away…if 33 has taught me anything it’s that your life has the power to unite people from near and far just by how you love them. Love crosses highways and byways, it exceeds beyond distance and tears…love extends its hand through the walls of eternity and all we have to do is love in return. Love is the key, it’s what unlocks our legacy. NO. 6 If 33 taught me anything it was to, “Dream without duck-tape.” ( thank you @kerriweems for that bomb )
The truth of the matter is that God is big enough for your dreams, He loves you enough to plant the seeds of those dreams in your heart and He will see them into fruition. Yes, Yes I know that life has a brutal way of being a dream killer if you allow it, so don’t allow it. Your circumstances should never dictate your level of faith, so Dream Big … We were always meant for BIG NO. 5 We moved yesterday and naturally Lucy wasn’t as stoked as we were. She acted like a cray all week long and when the day finally came she hissed and sulked in a corner. The car ride was even worse, she cried the entire time and the scratches I received will probably leave scars.  Once she arrived she hid in a closet and refused to eat or even come out of the room. BUT today she finally ventured out and that one window in our tiny apt has been replaced with an entire house of windows and places for her to explore. As I watched her today I thought of the sixth lesson 33 has taught me…the future God intends for us is only entrusted to those who have the courage to embrace the unknown. If you’re like me where context is everything, then you’ll live your life like Lucy kicking and screaming through every change.  33 has taught me to embrace the future … It’s better and brighter and the space has so much room for activities lol! God has got some jokes! NO. 4

Stops and pauses in my life have always had a negative connotation. But 33 taught me to enjoy the red lights in life and embrace the pause. I learned that It’s in those moments [ if we chose to not focus on everyone speeding past us ] God will teach us to hear His voice in a way we never experienced and in a way that we will totally need going forward. If you can’t hear God in the STOP you’ll totally miss His voice in the GO, and when it comes time to YIELD, you’ll crash. Enjoy and learn in the slower seasons, they are integral to your growth and to the molding of your character.

NO. 3

I’m not a fan of dark water, water with sharks or boats where there could possibly be sharks or ANY water that could house sharks…so I don’t venture out into those places where I could potentially be forced to get into the water with sharks or alligators or gross stuff! So BOATS are usually never my choice of transportation. I prefer shore excursions. But just like in my real life, my spiritual life strays from all kinds of boats or deep water situations because I feel safer on the shore. This year drilled in my soul that Jesus didn’t die a brutal death on a cross for me to live my faith from the shore…He called us out into the deep, out of the boat…33 taught me to have a risky faith that ventures off the shore. And it’s only when we venture off the shore that arcs are built, giants are slain and walls fall down.

NO. 2 If 33 taught me anything it was that God’s timing is rooted in eternity — it’s like a staircase that on this side of heaven I will never have complete access to. His plans are not timed by when we think we are ready or when we feel equipped. He moves when He moves and in the wait or rush we are meant to adjust and learn. It’s just the way it is and in my youth and even in this last year I resented His pause and fast forwards. I even resented when He finally pushed play. But thankfully His ways and plans are always for our good and always for His glory….we just have to be ready and waiting for what’s next, even if next isn’t for a while. 33 taught me to Be patient, the wait is always worth it. NO. 1

In an ideal world I wouldn’t have wanted to start my vacation/bday week sick and now at the doctors office yet again but 33 has jokes and even till the end refuses to stop tossing out life lessons…so I leave you with the final lesson 33 has painfully left me with — no matter how many times you walk through the exact same trial, the pain is still the same, the effects are still the same, the only thing you can control is your attitude. Simple truth, I know…but sometimes on the journey it’s the most simple truths we overlook and underutilized. Attitude is now in check, got it. Keep it simple.


Current Rumblings – Freedom

CHORUS My soul overflows with your love, all I have I give to you God Even though I am in a dry and weary land your hope remains My soul overflows with your songs , your whisper commands the dark Even though I am in a dry and weary land, your freedom reigns VERSE 1 Oh true God, you are the one I want With every beat of my heart My God I give you praise Steadfast love you are the one I trust with every breath in my lungs I give you praise Tag Your joy is unfailing Your peace unwavering You are all I need VERSE 2 The stars align to every word you speak, My God you are so divine Everything in my soul My God it gives you praise]]>

Who I Am – The Book


UUGGHHHHHH…okay okay so I wrote a book. LIKE A MILLION YEARS AGO ( said in my Miami accent ) and in January I felt the Lord tell me to make this book available…Yes, I know, it’s May. I am sad to say that I have been ACTIVELY disobedient. I even made a RESOURCE page and let it sit in the drafts of this site. I am a little embarrassed to admit it but its true. I have made every excuse to not release this book and the album that goes with it, but I have run out of excuses and I am now making it available. I wrote this in 2010 to accompany my album ( Yes, I have an album )  and I never really marketed either resource. I just held on to them until now. So here you go, DOWNLOAD the album for free and if you’d like to have the book that tells the stories of each song and that has 15 day devotional filled with TONS of inappropriate comments because I wrote this when I had no filter than you can find it here. Well, okay…I hope you enjoy these resources…I’ll go throw up now! Chari]]>