UUGGHHHHHH…okay okay so I wrote a book. LIKE A MILLION YEARS AGO ( said in my Miami accent ) and in January I felt the Lord tell me to make this book available…Yes, I know, it’s May. I am sad to say that I have been ACTIVELY disobedient. I even made a RESOURCE page and let it sit in the drafts of this site. I am a little embarrassed to admit it but its true. I have made every excuse to not release this book and the album that goes with it, but I have run out of excuses and I am now making it available. I wrote this in 2010 to accompany my album ( Yes, I have an album )  and I never really marketed either resource. I just held on to them until now. So here you go, DOWNLOAD the album for free and if you’d like to have the book that tells the stories of each song and that has 15 day devotional filled with TONS of inappropriate comments because I wrote this when I had no filter than you can find it here. Well, okay…I hope you enjoy these resources…I’ll go throw up now! Chari]]>