I lost my Bible recently. May not be a big deal for a regular person but my Bible and I are kind of inseparable. We kinda had a thing goin’, My Bible and I were on Bestie Status and it’s loss has been a bit painful. I know, sounds intenso for no reason, but believe me, this is a real thing. CONTEXT is a big for me and placed inside my Bible case, besides my Bible, are various sentimental objects…

biblea prophetic word penned on an old napkin…

an old picture of my mom…

the letters my brother wrote while at bootcamp…

you get the picture.

I didn’t just lose my Bible,

I lost my notes,

my songs,

all the revelations and sermons God has dropped on my heart in the last three years in highlighted, color coded glory, GONE!

Now, you might be wondering why don’t I just go to my office and grab one of the two, brand new, never used Bibles I have?! Well because the one I lost was the VOICE translation and the other two are NIV and NLT and I was midway through Isaiah and Psalm and I can’t JUST START OVER! I had a plan, a process, a methodical devo system and now its ( said like Justin Timberlake ) GONE!

It’s been two weeks and instead of me pulling myself together and starting over in one of my new Bibles I have angrily ingested every ridiculous show on Netflix and Hulu from Hells Kitchen to the Blacklist, Vikings, the 100, Arrow ( which was horrible, sorry Kaitlyn) and too many others to even name. Don’t even get me started on my new obsession, Married at first sight! Help Me Jesus! I have rented WAY MORE movies on ITUNES then I care to admit and now that I have watched every episode of Crime 360 and 20/20 I have reached the end of the road and the end of myself!

Truth is I don’t do STARTING OVER well. Not sure if you got that from my crazy in the above paragraph.  Seems lately though everything I planned, grown accustomed to or held tightly to has been lost or turned upside down. Not necessarily in a bad way but upside down for a person with motion sickness ( literally and metaphorically ) can leave you feeling disoriented. But even in the disorientation God’s will for us is always clear…

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)

Even in loss, even when things don’t go your way and your plans are changed — there is ALWAYS Joy. Joy isn’t a feeling, it’s a fruit of the Spirit, a by-product of spending time in His presence! There will never be any reason for you to not be Joyful — crazy, I know.

I am a devourer of the word. I LOVE THE BIBLE!! But if I am completely honest, I don’t sit for HOURS and call down the fires of Heaven. I am not a prayer warrior per say…I am kinda a like prayer water boy. That’s embarrassing.  After I found my chutzpa and stopped wearing sweatpants every day, I started praying more, and new songs were written, new revelations and sermons penned.  Lord, I see whatcha did there..in the last couple weeks I’ve had to sharpen my prayer life, because reading wasn’t as easy and as accessible.  I am learning that sometimes God will shake your circumstance to sharpen and make aware portions of your heart that are hidden behind the familiar.

(INSERT HUGE SIGH AND EYE ROLL) okay, okay I get it Lord. Thank you. Thank you for pushing me into the uncomfortable to teach me how to see you and hear you a new. I know now that its only in those seasons where new revelation and understanding of who you are will come forth…


True Story!