I am assuming everyone older than me has had this moment when they finally realize, “OH MY LORD, I am a real life adult!” I assumed on my wedding day that feeling of being a real grown up would have overtaken me but that wasn’t the feeling over taking me, if you know what I’m sayin! Ayo! High Five!

Sorry, I digress.

I thought perhaps I’d get that feeling when I bought a house, or my first grown up car. I thought I’d feel like a grown up when I had the job I so longed for or when I reached a specific place in my life. But alas, I’ve ALWAYS felt like an early 20 something even though the years have been flying by and the grays have slowly taken over. I would venture to say that this feeling that so eluded me slapped me dead on the face this past October. I sat on the front row of the Shine Conference and listened as my Pastor so lovingly encouraged us GenX’ers ( Nomads )  to pass the baton to the Millennials ( Heroes ) . It was then that it hit me.

Wait, I’m not a millennial!?
I want to be a hero! What the heck is a nomad?

I sat on the front row to the point of tears asking myself,

How am I going to pass a baton I am not even sure I was ever holding?
When did someone give me this metaphorical baton?
Was I suppose to be running somewhere? Have I had this “baton” this entire time?!
Seriously, what do nomads even do!

And there it was…the moment I’d heard of and had yet to experience. I could feel the pages of that chapter coming to a close as I sat in the front row processing the charge I was being given. As the conference came to an end I as usual went into full  introvert, processing mode…and that’s when I said it out loud,

I am no longer part of the NEXT generation, I’m not sure when that happened but it’s true. I am part of a generation that is referred to as a nomad. Nomads are professionals at finding fresh water in desolate places and I need to take my place, I need to get awesome at this nomad thing! I am no longer part of the NEXT generation, I am a carrier and steward of the NOW generation.


Around this time ( my birthday month )  I usually start laying down the lessons the last year has taught me but the overall etching theme and lesson 34 has brought to the forefront is that a season of my life has closed and I’m off to the next race; this next race includes people and batons and the realization that I have no idea what snapchat is or how to use it! There is freedom in knowing that all God is asking you to do is love and steward people well. There is a freedom in knowing that the mountain you’ve been climbing for years has given you epic perspective and now you can start the trek down into the valley.

I’m 11 days away from 35 and I can finally say, I feel like a grown up & I’m learning how to pass the baton. It’s an artform, this whole baton passing thing. If you don’t do it right you won’t finish the race. If you don’t do it right people will miss their mark. If you don’t do it right  you may find yourself running portions of the track that weren’t meant for you.

So. if you find yourself like me, a little closer to 40,  and just in case you didn’t already know… you’re needed! This world is full of deserts & its our job to help others find fresh water, bypass the quicksand and stay away from those places that can cause them harm.

Here’s to 35, here’s to being a nomad, I better get my cardio up.