If you’ve followed this blog at all or if you personally know me you’ll already know that I am big on context; and as I near the 4 year mark of coming on staff at celebration church I’ve began to reflect on what has been the most life changing parts and what it’s taught me. I spent the first 16 months on staff as Pastor Kerri’s executive assistant and it was the most transformational season in my life. When the journey began I was already a bit of a fan girl and gleaned from her wisdom while serving in Sisterhood, but to get to be her assistant, that was my dream job! It’s still my dream job, and if she’d let me, I’d do it all over again. You should know I’ve asked several times, she has lovingly and repeatedly said no.

So below you will find the 2 of 16 lessons I learned sitting under the wisdom of my Pastor, mentor and friend, Kerri Weems.

16 months. 16 lessons. My perspective. In no particular order.


During that season I spent with PK I made a lot of coffee, took a crazy amount of selfies and I fell in love with truly studying the word. I learned very quickly that you can’t encourage or serve someone effectively who knows the word the way she does if you aren’t chasing Jesus in the same manner. So whatever she was reading I read, whatever she studied I tried to study as well. I knew that if I could fall in love with the word of God the way she loved it, it would do me good, and it would help me run the race alongside her.

One morning I was reading about Judas and how He betrayed Jesus and how in that moment Jesus kissed him and called him friend. Something stood out to me about the word friend and I began to study the word in that particular context and found it meant comrade. As I was writing my notes she walked in the office and I began to tell her what I learned. As quickly as I told her she began to breakdown the meaning of the word comrade and how Jesus was really reminding Judas that they were “brother’s in arms.” She went on to say that, “Jesus in that moment of betrayal loved Judas so much that even though He was being betrayed it didn’t stop Him from reminding Judas who he was, that he was set apart and that he was more than that moment.”

I immediately stopped her and asked if she’d preached that message before! She said no, that it was something that came to her when I told her that Jesus referred to Judas as comrade. She then smiled, sipped her coffee and walked back into her office.

Its been four years since that moment, but I can still tell you what she was wearing and if I close my eyes tight enough I can still hear her words, “Jesus in that moment of betrayal loved Judas so much that even though He was being betrayed it didn’t stop Him from reminding Judas who he was…”

I didn’t know what moved me more, the fact that she received that kind of bomb dropping revelation from one word or that the lesson she just gave me on betrayal was drenched in LOVE. Jesus loved Judas so much that He called him friend, even when it was hard, even when His end would not be favorable. That moment has been one of most life changing teachings I’ve ever encountered, and it has carried me through heartache in ways I can’t even articulate.

It’s amazing what a 5 minute conversation, based on one word will teach you if you have an open heart, and if you can notes fast enough.

True Story,

xo Chari