If you’ve followed this blog at all or if you personally know me you’ll already know that I am big on context; and as I near the 4 year mark of coming on staff at celebration church I’ve began to reflect on what has been the most life changing parts and what it’s taught me. I spent the first 16 months on staff as Pastor Kerri’s executive assistant and it was the most transformational season in my life. When the journey began I was already a bit of a fan girl and gleaned from her wisdom while serving in Sisterhood, but to get to be her assistant, that was my dream job! It’s still my dream job, and if she’d let me, I’d do it all over again. You should know I’ve asked several times, she has lovingly and repeatedly said no.

So below you will find the 4 of 16 lessons I learned sitting under the wisdom of my Pastor, mentor and friend, Kerri Weems.

16 months. 16 lessons. My perspective. In no particular order.




Remember that one time I was in my office working and something happened where I dropped a pretty significant cuss word and the whole time PK was standing right behind and heard the whole thing?

Oh Yea, that happened… more than once.

One of things I love so much about serving underneath PK and something I’ve tried to replicate is how she loved me and pushed me forward through my mishaps and mistakes. I remember the first time I dropped a verbal bomb she pretended like she didn’t hear me because she saw I was mortified. Although round two she walked over, put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You’ve come too far to go back now.”

There was something in that gentle reminder that made me closet my cussing and try to become the woman she saw in me. There was something about the way she encouraged me with love that made me want to keep running the race; even in moments where I really wanted to quit, LOVE pushed me forward. In moments where I felt totally unqualified, LOVE gave me the credentials and confidence. In moments where I felt totally lost, LOVE pushed me towards the right words and the right decisions.

LOVE is what helps us endure and propels us forward. It’s what at the end of the day causes us to see the best in people, ignore their Cuban cuss words and speak life over their brokenness.

If you want to endure, choose love.

True Story,

xo Chari