“get up and head out for your day.” Um, let me just say that when God gives me a word, at least for me, He’s very clear about the direction but not the details. So this morning I went into my usual diatribe and tried to give Him details He was obviously missing. “Jesus, the office doesn’t open yet, so where am I going? It’s 5am, Jesus.” Per the ush, He doesn’t respond but sits in silence waiting for me to just obey. So here I am, sitting in a starbucks. I assumed when I opened my Bible this morning I was going to be overwhelmed with His presence, be given a massive word and start prophesying over the barista who has been staring at me since 6am. But that hasn’t happened. I read my chapter that He asked me in Ezekiel and it was about a city on the coastline coming to ruins. A city that was very powerful that terrorized it’s people and the coast, He was telling Ezekiel about it’s coming destruction. I won’t lie, as I read this I was like, “for real Jesus, you brought me here for this? I put pants on for this???” Reluctantly I opened up my journal to write about the chapter, and I just stared at the blank page. I sat waiting, wondering, hoping He would speak, and of course after a few minutes of me staring at my journal, He did. Anyone else find themselves in the ready position to hear from God but all you hear is the room? Anyone else find that their days are so jam packed that sitting and reading is an afterthought and the only thing you can do when you get home is muster enough energy to wipe off your makeup and just get in bed? No? Me neither. I am totally talking about someone else. Ha! Truthfully, it seems like I’ve been encountering this busyness and awkward silence at an alarming rate lately. This is super strange since I am little bit like the dad in Big Fat Greek Wedding, “Give me a word any word and I’ll tell you how it’s Greek!” Except I don’t know Greek, but I do seem to know what God is saying and doing. At least I usually do. It could be the new-ish job, or the last couple weeks that have been busier than usual. It could be because in this season I feel constantly poured out. I’m sure the parents out there feel like this, the students heading into a new year can feel like this. I’m sure everyone has either felt like this or currently does. So what do you do to hear God when everything else in your life is louder and pulling at you? You say yes to 5am wake up calls. You say yes to being interrupted and you keep your heart available. You listen to podcasts and worship in your car, and you pray as you walk to class. If you can, try to go to bed early and make rest a priority. Also, it’s okay to say no to things you love in this season because you need to say yes to other things. So if you find yourself busy, tired, overwhelmed and poured out know that He is with you, He has never left you; and there is a lesson to be learned in the moments where things seem to have gone silent. Learn to be okay with those seemingly silent encounters with God. Silence doesn’t dethrone His faithfulness, it builds your resilience, it builds your faith. And just to be clear, He is ALWAYS speaking, but He may be speaking to your eyes instead of your heart. He may be speaking to your hands instead of your ears. In every season He is building different aspects of who you are, and like a potter He is working every side of the clay. It’s not ideal or comfortable for the clay, but it is worth it in the end.   xo Chari        ]]>