Love Jesus. You won’t survive your life without Him.  – Dulce Maria Bosque , Sept. 24, 2014

It’s been two years to the day. Two years since I heard my grandmothers voice, held her in my arms and kissed her beautiful face. It seems like only yesterday we were together laughing about selfies and her lovingly giving me life advice. But as I sit today an reflect on the loss I am thankful. It may sound weird but there is something special that can only be activated within you when you choose to allow loss to grow you and even at your worst push you forward. It’s hard to admit but I am not even a fraction of the person I was two years ago. I have small remnants of that person in my heart but I don’t even know her anymore. Loss propelled me forward, caused me to cling to God in a way I’d never experienced and in the midst of it I found my true self. Looking back now I find that her final words to me make me laugh as if she knew what was going to happen and that I’d need Jesus to survive it. I am not sure what you’ve lost, if you’re in the midst of loosing something you love, or you’ve lost nothing and somehow you ventured onto this post, but know this: Loss doesn’t define you, its shapes you. Hold everything with an open hand, because if you don’t the loss of it will crush you. Don’t try to understand loss, just try to embrace it; some things in this life you’ll never comprehend until the other side of heaven. and finally Life is fleeting so stay off your phones and your social media feeds; hold hands more, make eye contact, ask questions. People matter to God, so make people the priority. Don’t spend your life moving so fast and chasing success because all you’ll have at the end are accolades. Spend your days loving God and loving people, because at the end you’ll have left a legacy.   xo Chari]]>