why am I not skinny again mantra and I spend hours watching netflix. But I can’t do that this year. Life is too busy and there is too much at stake for me to spend those weeks trying to pull myself together and ‘finish strong”. If I’ve learned anything this go round its that life is full of echoes, its full of wilderness seasons that take us around the same mountains and rivers and God in His goodness allows us the ability to choose how many times we visit. We get to choose every year whether we learn the lessons that the stumbles and walls have for us or we instead miss the lesson entirely during the revisit and instead embrace bitterness and tears. That’s what I’m reflecting on today…the walls I’ve hit and the conflicts I’ve encountered. Truth is, they aren’t new. They are just new to this season. Maturity see’s the wall as an old friend; it sees the walls of life as object lessons in place to teach us to climb. Immaturity sees the walls ahead as just another unfair stumbling block life throws our way. Maturity looks for a way to get over it; immaturity stares, cries, watches hours of netflix in sweatpants and blames the constructors of the wall. So as the year comes to an end, and everything around me ramps us for ALL THINGS NEW, I choose to take a moment to sit and reflect on all my old friends. To the rivers I’ve almost drowned in, to the trenches I have fallen into and to the passers by who did just that, pass by, thank you. I am better, stronger, and more aware of where I am thanks to you. 2016, I see what you did there. Well played. xo Chari]]>